RPS Services

Custom Platform for Communication Network, Power, Monitoring and Control

At RPS we have developed a platform solution that solves several infrastructure challenges faced by many industries. The RPS platform is a highly versatile product that incorporates a number of technologies from power solutions, communication networks, monitoring and control, as well as automation and engineering.

Our primary aim is to implement a solution that enables the most cost effective and reliable platform that will provide a return on investment in a short period. Upfront system design is critical to choosing each of the products that will contribute to the goal.

We start by understanding your project requirements which we align to your operational needs. We assess which specific product solution will deliver what you need and then design the system to satisfy your specific project deliverables.

System design not only considers current operational requirements but also future aspirations and needs. Our design technicians have years of experience in combining varying technologies and engineered products into a design that is scalable, allows flexibility and above all is dependable.

We are your remote power solutions partner!

Remote Power Solutions delivers sustainable solutions to remote areas of Australia. Please explore our website to find a solution or product that will enhance your operational functionality or explore more about our services within your industry sector.