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IOT Implementation and Installation for Remote Areas

For many customers who are considering installing IOT (Internet of Things) devices, equipment sensors, power systems or control functionality we work with you to ensure sufficient consideration is given to the implementation rather than simple installation. A lot of companies supply off the shelf products with simple installation instructions, but customers often find themselves frustrated or without the full benefit of the product as several key considerations are missed out altogether when implementing a “one size fits all” solution.

We work with our customers to look at the problem they are trying to solve and assist in product suitability selection through to final solution testing post installation. Our implementation tasks are as follow but not limited to:

  • Power System Calculation Verification
    • Includes assessment of individual equipment and network requirements.
    • Days of redundancy
    • Power back up
  • Design and establish site mesh Wifi networks
    • Equipment selection
    • Assess and link to main source of internet into property
    • Key Hotspot required
    • Physical challenges from natural topography of property
  • Data requirements for devices monitored on the Network
    • Data sources, packet size, required network speed etc
    • Integration of third-party solution
  • Control and Monitoring Design – See our services page for more info
  • Automation Engineering – See our services page for more info
  • Surveillance site map and installation

We have several installation options depending if you know exactly what equipment you want or have the technical knowledge and access to trades. We can provide:

  • Supply only in kit form
    • Provide build guides
  • Provide support for installation over the phone through our technician helpline
    • Support your own on-site technicians
  • Supply our technicians to do the installation and testing for you

Irrespective of which option you choose, we will ensure that your product delivers the capability you expect with ongoing support should you need it.

We are your remote power solutions partner!

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