RPS 300 Series Trailer / Skid

The RPS 300 series trailer and skid is a dual-axle (Trailer only) mobile power / communications infrastructure solution designed to support approximately up to 300 Watts of continuous power draw with an effective redundancy of up to five (5) days on batteries alone. The trailers/skids are designed to handle the harsh Australian environment and are generally maintenance-free.

This solution utilises six (6) high-efficiency 400-Watt solar panels using a patent-pending sliding assembly allowing for safe, simple, and easy single-personnel deployment. Having a sliding array assembly enables compact stow for transport eliminating an elaborate set-up and pack-down process for multiple solar panels.

The trailer supports a 5 – 14 metre Linear actuated, pneumatic or cable-actuated mast for the deployment equipment and includes two (2) IP66 rated enclosures housing the power equipment and communications hardware.

The 300 series trailers feature batteries housed within an ergonomically designed tray and sliding drawer assembly to provide ease of access. The trailer model is also specifically designed to weigh less than two (2) tonnes so that they can be road licensed and towed by a light vehicle if required.

Mass: Approx. 1800kg
Power Output (Cont.): 180 – 300 Watts
Mast Height: 4 – 14 metres
Mast Type: Pneumatic, Cable – Electric, Aluminum
Lattice or Linear Actuator
Supported Headload: 30 – 50 kg (at Apex)
Supported Wind: 80 – 112 km/h @ 0.35m2
Battery Redundancy: Up to 5 Days
Solar Panels: 6 x 400 Watt
Batteries: 12 – 16 x 12V 120Ah or
6V 225Ah Deep Cycle AGM
Battery: 12V / 24V / 48V

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