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Remote Network Hardware Solutions

The RPS network solution provides enhanced connectivity in locations where previously unavailable. Unlike LoRaWan networks we provide localised connectivity of IOT devices with an improved bandwidth to transfer large data packets and stream live video. We do also install LoRaWan where the location and devices require such a network.

We then link your localised network to the internet through 4G, NBN or Satellite. More importantly you will have critical communications connecting you to staff, equipment and the emergency services with the added benefit of enabled surveillance equipment.

We enable the ability to monitor and control your equipment through a mobile device from anywhere in the world with transfer of data up to 1GB/sec. The challenge of access across varying landscapes has resulted in the development of our own, rapidly deployable relay stations allowing for communication even in the most remote environments in non-line of sight (NLOS) conditions.

The RPS network and communications solution provides you with high bandwidth, reliable connectivity to all critical parts of your farm, industrial site, sporting event and emergency services infrastructure. Safety, time and ease of operation are at the core of our solution design.

Dependant on your requirements and operational layout we use trusted brands like:

Distance (LOS) from RPSBase Station: Required Coverage RPS Solution
100m 360 Short Range Outstation
<2km 360 Short Range outstation
<10-20km PtP Standard Outstation
<25km PtP Long Range Outstation
>25km or NLOS PtMP RPS Relay Station

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