Remote Power Solutions

Off Grid Solution for Rural Properties

Escaping the city life has its advantages, but some critical infrastructure is still needed should someone get injured or be at threat from natural disaster or intrusion.

Living Off-Grid has become easier with an integrated power and communication solution that provides you with security and connection to the outside world.

RPS can provide an off-grid solution to rural properties that incorporates a reliable power source that you can choose from our extensive range of power options. If you need several buildings or equipment to be powered, then we can also link them in one solution.

Our platform will allow you to control anything you want to with the ability to monitor the health and power of your battery system or the equipment you rely on through our intuitive user interface (IRIS).

You can choose from a range of security and surveillance options, install our fire risk management irrigation system or simply take advantage of a localised network that covers your whole property. This means the emergency services are only a phone call away from anywhere!

This complete platform offering comes at an affordable price for the combination of power, monitoring, control, connectivity and safety features from RPS.

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We are your remote power solutions partner!

Remote Power Solutions delivers sustainable solutions to remote areas of Australia. Please explore our website to find a solution or product that will enhance your operational functionality or explore more about our services within your industry sector.