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Automation Solutions for Agriculture and Smart Farming

The challenge of running power to all widespread equipment locations or relying on power like diesel, which requires continually adding non-renewable fuels, is a common issue for farmers. Driving long distances to just check a part of your property or operate a piece of equipment is a thing of the past, allowing you to free up more time to focus on the important things. This can all be done by farm automation thanks to the innovative technology known as smart farming.

What is Smart Farming?

Smart farming is an advanced technology that allows farmers to control and monitor different aspects of their farms from a distance with a digital technology known as an IoT system. IoT stands for Internet of Things; it’s a communication platform that allows the different smart farming and farm automation technologies to interact with one another. For example, irrigation levels for crops can be controlled and monitored by autonomous devices that get information from data collected by sensors. This control can also be managed and monitored by the farmer through an IoT device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The use of this technology allows farmers to manage their farm safely and prioritise their time more effectively. Some of the benefits of using smart farming technologies over traditional farming include:

  • Higher quality crop yields
  • Better worker efficiency
  • Higher sustainability
  • Safer
  • Increased land value

Agriculture Automation will revolutionise your farm

Machinery that has been designed to use Agricultural Automation essentially means they can operate remotely without the need for human input.

Smart sensors collect data from around a farm. This data is processed by an artificial intelligence technology, through a process called machine learning. This means that the AI is able to adapt to any condition and execute the most efficient task required for agricultural production and precision farming without the need for direct instructions, all the while producing a higher quality result. 

The Australian agriculture industry is well on its way to becoming more sustainable, efficient and profitable thanks to the adoption of farm automation.

What RPS offers for Agriculture Automation?

At RPS we supply a sustainable power solution that can run your equipment and provide effective control through an easy to use IoT interface, accessible from anywhere in the world.

The RPS Smart farming platform provides connectivity and communication, powered through an off grid technology. Our unique communication network ensures that safety comes first with the ability to connect to the emergency services from anywhere on your property.

We provide industry leading partnered solutions. Our smart farming technology has you covered for all smart agriculture solutions; from basic equipment control through to autonomous, precision farming infrastructures. We can also simply add your existing equipment to our platform to provide you with advanced monitoring and control, giving you the ability enable autonomous farm machinery. Our smart systems are completely configurable, allowing you to add any additional equipment you may want to control and monitor.

Our agriculture automation solutions can also provide continuous monitoring of assets and security surveillance to assure peace of mind. Our range of security options and automated farming systems all connect through our innovative IoT user interface in real time.

Our technology can supply, power, control and automate farming equipment such as:

We power everything in an off-grid configuration that meets your specific equipment power draw needs, all controlled from an IoT device.

All of this agriculture automation comes at a surprisingly reasonable cost. See our cost-effective farm automation solutions and products for more information or contact Remote Power Solutions to find a solution. 


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